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Can I question the omnivore vs. vegan argument?

My Personal rant on the popular argument of meat vs vegan…

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine that I wanted to share. Any of the vegan/raw/vegetarian people come across the usual questions of why we chose not to eat meat?

Most of the arguments between meat eaters and vegans that I’ve come across are arguments against the health benefits of being on a vegetarian diet or the health benefits of eating meat. After that has been discussed, the argument then continues to the history of humanity, what most people say is “well humans have been eating animals thousands of years ago bla bla bla…” and then others would say that actualy, we were fruitarians before anything else (coming from the apes and all). And the argument continues… Who is right? Are we meat eaters or vegetarians?

Well you know what? That’s not the point! If I’m not eating meat its for several reasons including health but let’s put that aside for a moment and stick to the most important thing I think should be discussed! If I’m not eating meat it’s because I do not want to support an industry that shows no humanity, that is unethical, cruel and absolustly against my personal ethics as a human being.

If one was to tell me that if they had to gather meat themselves and were able to kill and cook the animal themselves…I might even say “fair enough”. But that’s not what this meat eating industry is based on is it? We are not hunting meat like we so called did thousands of years ago. No, What we are actually doing is supporting and industry that mass produces, tortures, chemically pumps and carbon pollutes etc etc so that you, the consumer, can get your bacon on the table.

If you had to physically look at these places that produce your meat you will find your conscious going ‘this is wrong’, you will get sick and you might even cry.

I mean seriously, how can we ignore this? How can we not judge ourselves as for letting this happen?
Did you watch Earthling? I couldn’t. I could barely get through the trailer.


So just to get this out of my system: I will not support this industry and I will attempt to be as conscious of my actions and of others as possible. I choose to be vegan just for that reason alone. I aim to be a good person and I choose to look deep into my soul and believe that in order for me to be happy, and the best person I can be, I can decide what I do and do not support. I belive that loving myself and others means just that. Loving nature, animals and all life on this plant. Amen.